Alien Corpses Presented To Mexican Congress!

In a jaw-dropping moment at a Mexican Congressional hearing on the UFO phenomenon, a prominent researcher in the country unveiled a pair of alleged alien bodies said to have been recovered from a cave in Peru. Are the bodies presented to the Mexican congress really those of extraterrestrials? Rainy Robinson weighed in on a number of issues including the dissolution of the bail bond system in many major American cities, as well as the New Mexico governor’s second amendment ban on guns.  Dr. James Fetzer showed conclusive proof that holograms were used to project planes crashing into the World Trade Center on 911., Chris Schlager discussed psychic readings and other phenomenon including what might be evidence of electronic tethered Big Foot. Is the government already monitoring them? Kate Shemirani discussed medical homicide with Heather Day, KC Sunshine, Brenda Lankarge.

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