Scientists Developing mRNA Tech That Can Bring Corpses Back From the Dead!

Newly released but redacted documents from an FOIA request show Barack Obama was on the scene of his executive chef’s drowning and was “questioned” in his home along with a unnamed female regarding the death. JJ Carrell warned that a terrorist attack on U.S. soil is imminent because of the flood of illegals into the country, some of whom may very well be terrorists.  Brooks Agnew said there is an FBI task force targeting Trump supporters. Melody Jennings said that while the followers of QAnon and other alternative news sources continue to push the narrative that Trump is still in charge, people are overlooking the importance of doing things on a local level to save our country. Heather Day discussed computer chips made with human brain cells and we discussed a newly released report that mRNA technology is now being used to bring corpses back from the dead.  James White talked about CPS corruption.

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