The Tucker Carlson Firing!

Christi Tasker discussed getting involved with your political party. Dr. Reginald McDaniel covered the benefits of New Eden nutrition and diabetes.  Kerry Cassidy weighed in on the Tucker Carlson firing.

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  1. If youre on Medicaid theyll recommend all kinds of crap for the baby. Medicaid babies. Thats the same thing Kerry. Medicaid babies are all vaxxed up and state basically owned via mom and or dad and recommmendations made…we are almost all born in hospitals and oddly enough so much its not a coincidence, thats where most of us die too. I was getting older and wanted babies so at 35 I applied for Medicaid and listened to every thing they said was okay to do. They said antibiotics and tylenol was okay to take while I was pregnant AND nursing. I want to sue the hospital so bad but I live in a Democrat city I probably wont be able to find a lawyer!!

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