Pat Robertson’s Secret Sex Ring!


Special Guest Tom Althouse provided proof that the just deceased televangelist Pat Robertson ran a pedophile ring as part of his ministry and that he was raped and sodomized by members of Robertson’s organization. Alessandro Valerin previewed some of the latest Goodlion TV news . Scott Miller and Cat Parker discussed the horrors of COVID vaccines and how to remove the graphene oxide nanobots from the body by the infusion of glutathione which is available here. KC Sunshine talked about sexual trauma and recovery. UCIJ, Kathrine Sorilos, Jeff Wagner, Jennifer Lamkins, and Brad Conley joined a roundtable discussion on a variety of topics including the simultaneous outbreak of forest fires in Canada and how to detect nanobots in your prescriptions.

To watch the live broadcast on Saturday, June 10th beginning at 9 am Eastern Time, click here: