James Clapper: Mike Pence Is A Gay Pedophile!

Investigative journalist John Corapi discussed his recent arrest while covering the Meghan Walsh child kidnapping by corrupt CPS officials to at the behest of John Walsh as well as the loss of his job due his speaking out in favor of children being protected from pornography available in school libraries. Rainy Robinson talked about the missing children in Maui, Dr. James Fetzer presented evidence that many top political officials such as Mike Pence and judicial appointees such as Supreme Court Justice John Roberts have been blackmailed or threatened due to their less than stellar past. Among the revelations, Mike Pence is gay and has had sex with multiple partners and underage boys. Bryan Bowden discussed audio frequencies and how they are being used to trigger things such as Havana Syndrome., Kate Shemirani discussed how hospitals are profiting from end-of-life care with Karen Britt, Heather Day, Brenda Lankarge and Pamela Davis Reeves.

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