Joe Biden Admits Selling State Secrets!

President Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic recently claiming he has sold state secrets. The former owner of an exclusive sex club has been banned permanently after revealing that Hunter Biden was a member of that club. Brooks Agnew weighed in on the top stories of the day including the Russia Ukraine war. Dr. Tau Braun Expressed his frustration with Twitter and the plans that Elon Musk may have for that company going forward. Dr. Lana Kontos provided evidence that glutathione is a molecule that when ingested can reverse the effects of damage caused by prescription drugs. Glutathione also will help relieve the symptoms caused by the poor air quality in many cities across the United States suffering from the effects of raging out of control forest fires. Heather Day, Scott Miller, Pamela Davis Reeves and KC Sunshine joined Penny in a roundtable discussion on recovering from sexual trauma.

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