Oregon Bans Christian Adoptions!

The state of Oregon band Christians from adopting children unless they sign a waiver promising to promote the LGBTQIA agenda to the child. MSNBC runs a hit piece on parents saying that if they oppose pedophilia, they are haters. Mel Gibson is getting ready to drop a bomb with a new 4 part documentary on pedophilia and child sex trafficking in Hollywood. Donald Trump is arraigned in Miami.Tracy Tormé gave his opinion on whether extraterrestrials are benevolent or malevolent. Dr. Tau Braun found it perverse that the national flags of countries have been replaced with rainbow flags.  Dr. Lana Kontos provided more evidence that glutathione helps with weight loss. Dr. Robert Shiepe, Heather Day, Pamela David Reeves and KC Sunshine discussed the latest UFO phenomenon known as Dragons.

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