Pentagon Mobilizing THOUSANDS Of Aircraft For WWIII!

According to sources, the Pentagon is now taking thousands of mothballed military aircraft and restoring them to full service capability in an obvious run-up to World War III with both China and Russia. These aircraft reportedly include F-16s, C-130 transport planes, AWACS aircraft and more.Tracy Tormé, Teresa Tindal, and Brooks Agnew joined in a roundtable discussion of the UFO disclosure bombshell that the United States government has alien spacecraft and extraterrestrial bodies in their possession. Peter Kirby previewed his latest book From Little Acorns, a fictionalized account of his true encounter with Satan worshippers who attempted to sacrifice him at Bohemian Grove when he was a child. Dr. Lana Kontos touted the benefits of glutathione in body to help remove mRNA graphine oxide and glyphosate from your body. Corina Pataki, Pamela Reeves Davis, Kathrine Sorilos, and Scott Miller engaged in a roundtable discussion about how the United Staes, once the greatest country on the face of the earth is now being destroyed by Marxists and communists who are hell bent on taking our nation down.

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