May 11th All Hell Breaks Loose!

Tracy Tormé discussed alien abductions and startling revelations that in one of the most infamous cases, the Betty and Barney Hill case, extraterrestrials sexually abused one of them horrifically. J.J. Carrell revealed that beginning on May 11th, the United States will be overrun with illegal immigrants, many of whom are terrorists and child sex traffickers, who will be given as “gifts” to political elites. Dr. Lana Kontos discussed detoxing your body and colon cleansing. Amy Holem, Heather Day and Scott Miller addressed torture and mind control through the use of 5G signals, frequencies, waves, beams and other forms of telecommunications produced at such high frequencies, tones and pitches causing tinnitus, sleep apnea, sleep walking, states of paralysis, Morgellons, Parkinson’s, anxiety, depression, seizures, and PTSD through audio analysis. This is accomplished in many cases through surgical implants done during what the targeted individual believes to be a routine medical procedure or surgery for another medical condition.

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