Former Fox News Producer: Trump’s 2020 Loss Was Part Of His Master Plan To Save The Nation!

Evan Stewart continued his breakdown of the life of Myron Taylor, a man whom not too many people know, but who helped shape the nation as the first Ambassador to the Vatican and a steel magnate. Susan Bradford, an investigative journalist and former Fox News producer for Fox news Sunday and Special Report, said Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential was deliberate and part of his plan to save America in 2024.Holly Phaon and Fortean Syzygy talked about remote viewing. Elena Estauche. Karen Britt and Heather Day discussed love and relationships.

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  1. This guest, Alex, mentioned about “seeing” into the future. So, the last guest you had, said that Trump “collaborated” with Obama, and Trump lost the 2020 election cause he “saw” what was going to happen in the future. So, if it’s OK, for Alex to see into the future, don’t you think that Trump “saw” into the future and found out what “O’Biden” have planned, and allowed them to continue so as to catch them in all the evil can could bring out, just to eliminate them. Poetic Justice, don’t you think. Remember, Trump “Never” conceded the 2020 election….he said “He’s just moving aside”. So, that would mean that he is CIC of Military. This is a huge chess game, and Trump is playing expertly.

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