Massive Update On Brunson VS. Adams!

Rachel Milligan discussed mysterious pyramids and other structures which may portals to other dimensions as well as hidden history of our origins. Nick Parisi talked about the life of Rod Serling and efforts to erect a memorial in the writer’s hometown. Nick Alvear and Darin Brunson broke down the Brunson Brothers’ effort to force the United States Supreme Court to take up their case regarding the stolen 2020 election.

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  1. 03/18/2023–0817 CST–Saturday

    According to the Ambassador, Dr. William Mount (PhD.), the looming arrest warrant of President Trump will have nasty implications for those involved.

    Dr. Mount a former U.S. Federal Agent, Army Colonel, and U.S. Ambassador living in Washington State, is STILL ACTIVE IN CREDENTIALS ….and has recently posted that he has named President Trump a diplomatic Consulate General! This gives, President Trump according to Ambassador Mount, special rights and immunity not afforded many, even those who once served as President of the United States!

    He, as Consulate General, can not be arrested according to William Mount, under penalty of death for those carrying out the actions of the arrest. Mount says that consequences are realized within a year or less of this violation. Serious stuff, Shirley!

    Since this decree has been dated from the past, he has immunity from arrest though INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC CHANNELS AND BINDING INTERNATIONAL LAWS! WOW!!!

    Watch the video for yourself:

    William Mount

    (Shown as “entertainment” to pass censorship that has occurred on YouTube–It’s Real!!)

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