A Survivor Of Mao’s Cultural Revolution Has A Warning For America!

XI Van Fleet, a liberty-defending survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China made a passionate case that history is eerily repeating itself as the Woke Revolution spreads across America. She lived through the horrors of the Chinese Cultural Revolution as a schoolgirl. Forced to the countryside with other young Chinese for re-education after high school, she later escaped communism and found freedom and new a life in America. But more than 30 years later, Xi disturbingly sees signs of the same Cultural Marxism that ravaged her birth country of China threatening to destroy the America she now calls home. Jeana Kuczmanski and Kelly Patton exposed the horrors of the child protective service system in the United States. Scott Schara updated us on his quest for justice in the name of his daughter who was murdered by daughters during the COVID plandemic.

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