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Barbara Honegger presented evidence that the new movie Oppenheimer may have been released as a prelude to a possible nuclear attack that could destroy the entire planet, just as the movie Pearl Harbor was released just prior to the inside job attacks of 911. She also confirmed the existence of extraterrestrials which she said are here to stop us from killing ourselves and that the Majestic 12 was an outgrowth of the dawning of the nuclear age.

Some important links from her appearance include: 

Tomorrow night’s Aug. 6, 2023 ‘The Other Side of Midnight’ radio Show on ‘Oppenheimer’ that reaches over 100 countries begins at 9 pm Pacific / Midnight Eastern with Host Richard Hoagland and Guests Barbara Honegger, Robert Morningstar, Georgia Lambert and others.  To listen live go to and click on the Text ‘Tonight’s Show’ near the upper left in the vertical menu.  When the next page opens scroll down and click on ‘TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW’ and then choose and click on ‘Use Our Own Player’.  When that page opens click on the red arrow in the time bar in the middle of the Screen until it reads ‘PLAY’ and the audio will begin shortly right at Midnight Eastern/9 pm Pacific.




Q&A with Oliver Stone & Daniel Ellsberg @ Stanford (University) on 02/22/2013

(also with American History Professor Peter Kusnick)  YouTube 

At c. 45:10 min. in — Barbara Honegger’s Question to Oliver Stone and his co-author of the book and 12-episode Video series ‘The Untold History of the United States’ American History Professor Peter Kusnick that Kusnick answers as to whether it is true that Openheimer and Truman and many others were warned that Manhattan Project theoretical physicists couldn’t rule out that the Trinity A Bomb test — and even more so the later H Bomb — might ignite the Earth’s Atmosphere and the upper level of the Oceans and kill All Life on the Planet (Yes) and that Truman made the decision to go ahead anyway.     



“The Troubling Reverberations ta the End of ‘Oppenheimer'”  

Key Excerpt:

“… The key moment (in ‘Oppenheimer’), and the one that strikes the dark note that the film closes on, is when Oppenheimer reminds Einstein of an earlier conversation they had before the (Trinity) test of the first atom bomb, when the Manhattan Project physicists were worried that the chain reaction caused by the atomic bomb might never end — that it could proceed to ignite the Earth’s atmosphere and destroy the Planet. “When I came to you with those calculations,” Oppenheimer tells Einstein, “we thought we might start a chain reaction that might destroy the entire world.” … 




Interview with ‘Oppenheimer’ Scriptwriter and Director Christopher Nolan,  New York Times 

Key Excerpts:                                                                                                        Nolan (N): … One of the key moments that really hooked me on the story, which I referred to in my last movie “Tenet” [2020], was this idea that when the scientists did their calculations, they couldn’t completely eliminate the possibility that they might set fire to the atmosphere (saved and sent by e-mail separately) and destroy the world. And they went ahead and pushed that button.  My feeling was, what if you could be in that room?  What would that be like? …  So as that countdown comes,  it’s incredibly tense, and extrapolating that to the Manhattan Project, to the Trinity test, I couldn’t even imagine. I was excited to try to give the audience a feel of that, to live in that room.

Q:  In this case, it worked and the world survived. Who did that calculation?

N: It came from (Edward) Teller. One of the few things I’ve changed is it wasn’t Einstein who Oppenheimer went to consult about it, it was Arthur Compton who directed an outpost of the Manhattan Project at the University of Chicago. But I shifted that to Einstein. And Einstein is the personality people know in the audience. But the calculation came from Teller. And I think he took almost the perverse kind of pride, you know? Those are the nature of the discussions. Horrifying … 

N: … What you see in the early ’50s is Oppenheimer trying to align himself with the Army as opposed to the Air Force. The Air Force program was all about genocidal hydrogen bombs, and Oppenheimer came up with this tactical new approach, (to) bring battle back to the (military) battlefield (only, ie. not target civilians). He pivoted to play the Army against the Air Force … 


Oppenheimer-Einstein Letter to President Truman of June 1947,  TOP SECRET, four pages, titled ‘Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestrial Bodies’.  Note especially the beginning of Par. 4 on Page 1 and the final Par. on Page 4.                                          


I don’t yet have the link for “The Ultimate Catastrophe” article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Nov. 1975 issue but will by tomorrow night’s ‘The Other Side of Midnight’ Show on ‘Oppenheimer’ which will be posted in one of my ‘Items’ on the Show Page.  I’ll send the link then if You can still add it after You’ve posted these others.  FYI the four pages of the article are also attached.


JFK Memo just ten days before the assassination demanding the CIA turn over all UFO-UAP related information and documents to himself and NASA 


UFOs, the CIA and the Assassination of JFK 

Full Documentary — Approx. 1 hr with Jim Marrs, Robert Morningstar and Linda Moulton Howe among others 

Also, must read book on this is Trinity by Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris.


1965 CBS Interview with Oppenheimer 



Daniel Ellsberg Presentation at  

‘Truth, Dissent and the Legacy of Daniel Ellsberg’ Conference, May 2021  

“We’re talking about the extinction of humanity”




How Would The United States Fight a Nuclear War?  

YouTube — July 2023




‘Oppenheimer: Humanity Betrayed’ — Video Podcast with Barbara Honegger and Robert Morningstar, July 2023 



‘The 9/11 Museum Virtual Walking Tour’ 

Video Documentary by Barbara Honegger using the actual Exhibit items in the 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero to prove that the Official Story of Sept. 11th it literally tires to cast in stone is provably false in every respect.  Beginning at approx. 1 hr 3 min. in is the segment on evidence of nuclear events at Ground Zero on 9/11 based on the analysis of the WTC dust by the U.S. Geological Survey.  With over 250,000 Views before being taken down by YouTube.




“Behind The Smoke Curtain: What Happened at The Pentagon on 9/11, and What Didn’t, and Why It Matters”  

Video Documentary by Barbara Honegger on the compelling converging lines of evidence for pre-placed explosives at the Pentagon on Sept. 11th, just as at the WTC.




Video Clip  of Oppenheimer saying ‘I Am … The Destroyer of Worlds’  is attached.  Try to find this short clip on YouTube and add the title of the YouTube and the link to the list.

1965 CBS Interview with Oppenheimer  


Oppenheimer: Humanity Betrayed’ … 


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