Martial Law: Unprecedented Military Movements Being Reported Across The USA!

Thousands of reports of American military being deployed across U.S. towns and cities have flooded Twitter in recent days, leaving many wondering if martial law is about to be declared in America. Brooks Agnew revealed this is another version of Operation Jade Helm, but this time the military is planning on a real conflict and a possible shutdown of the nation’s power grid. John Carman interviewed special guest Randall “Duke” Cunningham, the inspiration for the movie Top Gun.  Deborah Tavares provided evidence that the Deep State is attempting to kill us all with the use od Directed Energy Weapons and poisoning of our water supply. Meghan Walsh, Tara Crete, Heather Day and Pamela Davis Reeves engaged in a powerful discussion of the corrupt government system of Child Protective Services and foster programs.

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