Report: Putin Dead!


Is Russian President Vladimir Putin dead?

According to a mysterious Russian Telegram channel called “General SVR” and Valery Solovey, a prominent Russian political analyst, the answer is yes. In fact, the Russian president supposedly breathed his last on Thursday, Oct. 26. The Putin we see now is thus actually his double, who, Solovey claims, has been filling in for the sickly real Putin for several months. We have the latest.

Rainy Robinson weighed in on the Israeli-Hamas war. Dr. James Fetzer provided evidence that neoconservatives are behind the Israeli-Hamas conflict in an attempt to prop up Netanyahu and wipe out the middle east. Bryan Bowden warned that a cataclysmic event will occur in the United States tomorrow. Kate Shemirani said the massive cases of strokes and cancers are the result of the COVID vaccines.

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