Bombshell Evidence Proves Titanic Submersible Was An Inside Job!

Bombshell evidence proves that the Titanic submersible catastrophe was an inside job. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has warned that the recent coup attempt in Russia was orchestrated by the CIA in an attempt to topple Putin and help Ukraine win the war.  JJ Carrell discussed the Supreme Court decision to let the Biden immigration policy stand. John Carman, Nick Mancuso and Alexander pondered whether the recent coup attempt in Russia was a CIA operation. Dr. Bryan Ardis presented bombshell evidence that the government is developing an oral antidote for snake venom due to massive increases in reports of snake venom poisonings, when in fact the venom is coming from the COVID vaccines and the introduction of that venom into our water supply. Meghan Walsh, Tara Crete, Heather Day and KC Sunshine discussed Satanism.


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