Rothschilds Rule The World!

Heather Day began a new series on Complex PTSD. Susan Bradford presented evidence that the world is run by the Rothschilds. Tania Joy Gibson discusses porn addiction and how the porn industry continues to push […]

Dark Projects

Is It Too Late To Turn Back The AI Clock?

Rainy Robinson weighed in on three criminal cases in the news including the extradition of the prime suspect in the death of Natalee Holloway, a Mormon who wrote about how to deal with grief after […]


May 11th All Hell Breaks Loose!

Tracy Tormé discussed alien abductions and startling revelations that in one of the most infamous cases, the Betty and Barney Hill case, extraterrestrials sexually abused one of them horrifically. J.J. Carrell revealed that beginning on […]


Kerry Cassidy: Biden To Win Re-Election In 2024!

Christi Tasker reported on today’s Ron DeSantis press conference. Mark Emery tried to promote his organization designed to help people take back their United States government while he himself lives in Panama.  Dr. Reginald McDaniel […]


Is This The Holy Grail?

Vinny Eastwood discussed the draconian government crackdown on COVID protestors in New Zealand. T.A. Powell discusses investigative forensics and true crime. Teresa Tindal first saw a UFO at 10 years old in Tucson, AZ in […]

Dark Projects

Was U.S. Behind Kremlin Drone Strike?

Rainy Robinson postulated on the transgender agenda. Dr. James Fetzer commented on the fact that no official crimes scene photographs from Sandy Hook have ever been provided. Chris Schlager and Kathrine Sorilos discussed a variety […]


Will AI Be The New Hollywood “Scab”?

We provided an update on the Hollywood writers’s strike and the concerns that AI may be the modern version of the “scab”. Paul Willer gave us a brief primer on Nibiru. Dr. Tau Braun indicated […]


Shock Evidence Ties the Russia-Ukraine War To 911!

Christi Tasker gave us an update on legislation being introduced in the state of Florida which would amend the law prohibiting the indoctrination of students in sex education involving transgender issue until at least the […]


Chelsea Clinton: “Let Kids Watch Porn!”

John Carman weighed in on the day’s top news stories. Rebecca Hardy of Texans For Vaccine choice discusses the fight to protect children from deadly vaccines. Meghan Walsh said private adoptions are providing a fast […]


Is King Charles One Of Many AntiChrists?

Steve Wilkins and Monica B. postulated that the coronation of King Charles will usher in the first of many AntiChrists. K. Joseph Thomas (Pi Anon) updated us on his January 6th ordeal. Pete Crittenden discusses […]


The Face Of Societal Decay!

Susan Bradford discussed the Deep State.  Kate Shemirani talked about the COVID PSYOP and its lasting effects. Tania Joy Gibson weighed in on the transgender agenda. Suzy Q, and Karen Britt discussed having a relationship […]


The Tucker Carlson Firing!

Christi Tasker discussed getting involved with your political party. Dr. Reginald McDaniel covered the benefits of New Eden nutrition and diabetes.  Kerry Cassidy weighed in on the Tucker Carlson firing. To watch the program, click […]


Scientology Exposed Part 1!

Scott Gordon began an ongoing series on exposing Scientology.  Dr. Elena Estauche discusses love and relationships. Nick Alvear previewed his just released documentary on the Brunson brothers. To watch theprogram, click here:


What Is Complex PTSD?

Evan Stewart, discusses Myron C. Taylor. John B. Cobb talked about saving our farms. Heather Day discussed complex PTSD.  Gabriel Garcia is a January 6er who is fighting the good fight! To watch the program, […]