Report: Putin Dead!

  Is Russian President Vladimir Putin dead? According to a mysterious Russian Telegram channel called “General SVR” and Valery Solovey, a prominent Russian political analyst, the answer is yes. In fact, the Russian president supposedly […]


Who The Hell Is Mike Johnson?

Mike Johnson elected the new Speaker of the House. Rainy Robinson discussed the Israeli-Hamas conflict.  Dr. James Fetzer presented further evidence that the Israelis may have planned the attack and let it happen to distract […]


How To Mitigate 5G EMF Radiation!

Christi Tasker discussed politicians who are not held accountable to the press.  Dr. Reginald McDaniel talked about the importance of proper nutrition. Nathan Reynolds presented evidence that using nature’s herbal remedies will heal many more […]


Lies And More Lies!

KC Sunshine, Juliette Bryant, Tom Althouse, Shana Richardson, TJ Petri, Tara Crete and Rev Rant discussed the PSYOPS that our government and the media foist on the citizens. Chris O’Leary talked about abuse in the […]


Former Muslim Brother Rachid Speaks Out!

Special guest Brother Rachid broke down the Israel-Hamas war. KC Sunshine, Juliette Bryant, Tom Althouse, Holly Phaon, TJ Petri and Rev Rant discussed sexual abuse and porn addiction as part of the Trauma Triage team. […]


Israel-Hamas: Who Should You Believe?

Rainy Robinson weighed in on the Bidens, and the Israel Hamas  war, Dr. James Fetzer said the Hamas attacks may have been planned and provoked by Israel to distract from other things and called it […]


The Father Of Human Cloning!

Paul Dale Roberts discussed his exploits as a paranormal investigator. Panos Zavos talked about human cloning. Dr. Lana Kontos discussed the healing power of a glutathione spray. Brad Conley discusses the corrupt family court system […]


The Octopus Of Global Control!

Christi Tasker talked Miami politics. Nathan Reynolds said we need to be our own doctor. Dr. Reginald McDaniel discussed proper nutrition. Charlie Robinson talked about his book The Octopus of Global Control. To watch the […]