When Hospitals Commit Murder!

Priscilla Romans discussed the importance of having a patient advocate. Scott Schara discussed his daughter’s murder at the hands of her medical providers. Dr. Lana Kontos talked the importance of glutathione. KC Sunshine, Tara Crete, […]


The Bible: Gospel Or Go Spell?

Hunter Biden indicted. Does it mean anything? Heather Day, Holly Phaon, Rev Rant, KC Sunshine and Tom Althouse presented a Trauma Triage roundtable on MK ULTRA. Chris O’Leary discussed abuse by the Roman Catholic Church. […]

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Your Home Is A Surveillance State!

We examined the impact of artificial intelligence with Heather Day as we commented on a speech given by Chuck Missler just before his passing. Avis Owens and Holly Yeager recounted the story of her son […]


The PSYOP 22 years Later!

We took a look back at 911. JJ Carrell discussed illegal immigration. Melody Jennings talked politics and getting involved locally. Tim Rey of UI Media Network talked the importance of alternative media. Peter Crittenden discussed […]


There Are NO White Hats!

Susan Bradford provided proof that there are no white hats in our quest to save our world. Evil forces on both sides are working to destroy us. Bill Selby and TA Powell both discussed true […]

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When Robots Kill!

Artificial intelligence and robots have already taken many human lives. How many more lives must be lost before this horror is addressed? Heather Day, Shana Richardson, Rev Rant, KC Sunshine, Tara Crete and Tom Althouse […]


Maui Fires: Where Are The Children?

Heather Day, Shanna Richardson, Rev Rant, KC Sunshine, Tata Crete and Tom Althouse weighed in on the Maui wildfires and posited the question, “where are the children?” Chris O’Leary discussed the Catholic Church’s cover-up of […]

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CDC Admits Lying About COVID Deaths!

The CDC has just quietly admitted that over 99% of reported “Covid deaths” were faked in order to scare the public into taking the experimental Covid jab. Rainy Robinson discussed elder abuse in nursing homes. […]


Cars Found Melted Outside Maui Fire Zones!

Christi Tasker discussed the possible upcoming COVID lockdowns and new mask mandates. Nathan Reynolds talked about living off the gird. Dr. Reginald McDaniel said most vitamin C and other supplements purchased at the store are […]

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CRISPR To Turn People Into Transhuman FREAKS!

JJ Carrell discussed the brain-dead president Joe Biden and the globalists plans for 15 minuet smart cities at the expense of residents. Brooks Agnew talked about the persecution of Donald Trump with the admonition “the […]