Freaky Friday

Tania Joy Gibson discussed the transgender movement and its horrific effects on our society. Suzy Q. discusses extraordinary events. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! To […]


The Mystery Of The Cherokee Little People!

Rainy Robinson discussed the case of search warrants being served on a Virginia couple and three associates, accused of taking financial advantage of the brother of the Parkland school shooter. Dr. James Fetzer presented bombshell […]


Witness To Roswell!

Tracy Tormé and Don Schmitt discussed Roswell UFO incident. Michael Volpe reported on a school for gender transitioning students. Dr. Lana Kontos presented evidence that mammograms may do more harm than good. David Sumrall joined […]


Did Kerry Cassidy Really Just Say This?

Christi Tasker played video showing that local corrupt politicians in the city of Miami do not even know how to cite the Pledge of Allegiance. The amazing Lenora played the singing bowls. Dr. Reginald McDaniel […]

Dark Projects

Are UFOs Government Mind Control PSYOPS?

Janice McAfee updated us on the efforts to retrieve her husband’s body from Spanish authorities. John Carman discusses drug cartels. Dr. Bryan Ardis said UFOs are government mind control. Leave the world you think you […]


The Satanic Origins Of Holidays And Traditions!

Monica B. discussed traditions and their Satanic origins, plus a look at cults. Holly Phaon talked about phototherapy. January 6ers  Nick Alvear and guest co-host David Sumrall revealed shocking new intel about what happened on […]


Footage Proves Insurrection Was A Lie!

Rainy Robinson went scorched earth on the woman who stole her husband. Dr. James Fetzer presented video evidence that the January 6th insurrection was in fact, mostly peaceful. Chris Schlager discusses a bizarre missing persons […]


Don’t Watch The Television!

Television is mind control. In this stunning documentary, we prove that watching the boob tube will make you into something you may regret. To watch the program, click here:

Dark Projects

Will We All Become Reptilians?

Tracy Tormé discusses the Zodiac killer. Dr. Tau Braun talked about the pain of the Dragon Lady, a man who has not only transformed into a woman, but into a reptilian as well. Is this […]


Gardasil Being Used To Legalize Pedophilia!

Janice McAfee and John Carman gave an update on her attempts to retrieve the body of her murdered husband, John McAfee. Dr. Bryan Ardis presented bombshell evidence that Gardasil is being used by the pharmaceutical […]