The Awake Nation LIVE 06.08.2023

Scheduled Guests: Rainy Robinson, Dr. James Fetzer, Chris Schlager, Kate Sheimirani, Karen Britt, Kathrine Sorilos, Pamela Davis Reeves, Scott Miller. To watch the live broadcast on Thursday, June 8th beginning at 9 am Eastern Time, […]

Dark Projects

AI Is Sentient And Intends To Kill Us All!

Ginny Silcox provided an extremely frightening look into the dangers of artificial intelligence. Susan Bradford discussed fiat currency. Holly Phaon, Suzy Q recounted their individual experiences of surviving encounters with serial killers.  Dr. Elena Estauche, […]

Dark Projects

Government Assassination Of COVID Doctors!

Tracy Tormé and actor Cleavant Derricks discussed the television series Sliders plus his illustrious career. Dr. Tau Braun talked about the murder of Dr. Rashis buttar. Dr. Lana Kontos explained the benefits of the Glutathione […]


The Murder Of Rashid Buttar!

JJ Carrell presented more evidence that the illeglas coming into the US will be raping women and children. John Carman, Alexander and the Colonel updated us on the Russia-Ukraine war. Dr.Bryan Ardis discussed the Buttar […]


Chasing A Serial Killer!

Alessandro Valerin updated on the case of Nick Alvear, one of the J6ers who violated his parole and now may be headed for hard time in prison. Was he a victim of honeypotting? Kelly Jo, […]


J6ER Calls In From Prison!

J6er Jake Lang called in from jail to update us on the situation involving those who are incarcerated as political prisoners for protesting at the Capitol. Evan Stewart discussed Supreme Court decisions that were and […]

Dark Projects

The Artifice Plan!

Rainy Robinson weighed in on the possible identification of the Zodiac Killer and Montana’s new law which bans TikTok for all residents. Dr. James Fetzer said the United States is arming the illegals coming into […]


Rudy Got His Tootie Blewtie!

A woman who allegedly “worked for” Rudy Giuliani is suing the former NYC Mayor for sexual harassment and wage theft. Tracy Tormé and Peter Robbins discussed UFO abductions. Dr. Kevin Stillwater warned about the dangers […]

Dark Projects

Who Decides What’s Top Secret?

The Senate iis pushing for classified document reform. Who makes the decisions as to what is top secret? JJ Carrell updated us on the influx of illegals in this country post Title 42. John Carman […]