Maui Fires: Where Are The Children?

Heather Day, Shanna Richardson, Rev Rant, KC Sunshine, Tata Crete and Tom Althouse weighed in on the Maui wildfires and posited the question, “where are the children?” Chris O’Leary discussed the Catholic Church’s cover-up of […]

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CDC Admits Lying About COVID Deaths!

The CDC has just quietly admitted that over 99% of reported “Covid deaths” were faked in order to scare the public into taking the experimental Covid jab. Rainy Robinson discussed elder abuse in nursing homes. […]


Cars Found Melted Outside Maui Fire Zones!

Christi Tasker discussed the possible upcoming COVID lockdowns and new mask mandates. Nathan Reynolds talked about living off the gird. Dr. Reginald McDaniel said most vitamin C and other supplements purchased at the store are […]

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CRISPR To Turn People Into Transhuman FREAKS!

JJ Carrell discussed the brain-dead president Joe Biden and the globalists plans for 15 minuet smart cities at the expense of residents. Brooks Agnew talked about the persecution of Donald Trump with the admonition “the […]

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Shock: Trump Involved In COVID Plandemic!

Susan Bradford provided evidence that there are no white hats regarding the COVID PSYOP. It was indeed a plandemic and yes, even Trump was involved. Tom Paladino discussed scalar technology and its health benefits. TA […]


A Cardinal Sin!

Heather Day, Rev Rant, KC Sunshine, Tara Crete and Tom Althouse discussed child labor and child trafficking by major companies and retailers with which many of us do business. Chris O’Leary, joined us to talk […]

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Houses With Blue Roofs Spared From Maui Fires!

Rainy Robinson discussed her new series on online romance scams. Dr. James Fetzer broke down the first Republican presidential debate and showed the clear winner to be Donald Trump, who did not participate. Bryan Bowden […]

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We Will NOT Comply…Or Will We?

Tracy Tormé, and brother James Tormé discusses music, a little politics and the legend that was their father Mel Tormé. Dr. Tau Braun pondered whether people will comply with another government lockdown brought on by […]


Confessions Of A Mob Enforcer!

Christi Tasker weighed in on lab grown meat being forced on consumers. Gary Wayne Discussed King Arthur and the Holy Grail.  Former mobster and member of the Tocco crime family Gunner Lindbloom told his story. […]

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Bioengineered Tick Causing Meat Allergy!

Pastor Artur Pawlowski discussed his travails with the law in Canada due to COVID.  JJ Carrell confirmed reports that children are being held in Walmarts to be distributed to the elite for trafficking.  Dr. Bryan […]

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500,000 Children Being Held At Walmart!

The Biden administration is planning to impose COVID lockdowns and masking beginning in September. Susan Bradford presented part one of the secret histort of Bill gates and Microsoft. UCIJ broke the bombshell news that over […]


J6 Prisoners Caged Like Animals!

Shocking photographs show J6 prisoners being treated like animals. Heather Day, Shanna Richardson, Holly Phaon, Rev Rant, KC Sunshine, Tara Crete and Tom Althouse discussed the horrors of circumcision.  UCIJ talked about apathy to  the […]

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YES, A DEW Started The Maui Fires!

Rick DellaRatta of Jazz For Peace discussed his musical career and his organization which provides Empowerment Grants, sustainable funding and advocacy for non-profits, artists and all outstanding causes worldwide for over a decade to enable […]


Snatched From The Flames!

Christi Tasker posited whether the Maui fires were set deliberately to depopulate the area and pave the way for a buyout of the property owners. Nathan Reynolds joined us to discuss his book Snatched From […]


You’re Infested!

JJ Carrell discussed why more border patrol agents are not quitting over Biden’s immigration policy. Brooks Agnew postulated on whether the Maui fires are thr result of Directed Energy Weapons. Dr. Bryan Ardis said every […]


The Awake Nation LIVE 08.09.2023

Tracy Tormé discussed Hollywood communism. , April & Jay Matta and Dr. David Silverman  talked about how to stay younger longer. Dr. Lana Kontos presented Wellness Wednesday. Terry Lovelace discussed alien visitation with KC Sunshine, […]


Bigots With Badges!

  JJ Carrell provided evidence of thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants laying in the streets of New York. John Carman presented Dr. Matthew Fogg, a retired deputy U.S. Marshal, who was the victim of […]