Stop Addiction Once And For All!

The state of Illinois will allow illegal immigrants to become police officers and arrest citizens. Boy Scouts will now allow LGBTQ+ into their ranks to corrupt our youth. Christi Tasker examined why John Walsh, as […]


Horror: Children Rescued From Cages In Las Vegas!

  Heather Day, Shana Richardson, Holly Phaon, Rev Rant, KC Sunshine, Tara Crete and Tom Althouse comprised our Friday Trauma Triage team. Harriette Sucher discussed decoding cyphers. Ginny Silcox presented a devastating case against AI. […]


Dead Obama Chef Had Blunt Force Injuries To His Head!

The Obama’s long-term personal chef, who insiders claim was revealing inside information, has been found dead at the Obama estate in Martha’s Vineyard, just weeks after investigators linked Obama to Pizzagate and child sex crimes […]


The Truth About The Rapture!

Christi Tasker discussed National Child Trafficking Day. Gary Wayne broke down what the Bible has to say about the Rapture. Sheila Casey, Diana Castillo and Bruce Stanley presented evidence the Boston Marathon bombing was a […]


Was JFK’s Assassination Tied To UFOs?

Was JFK’s  assassination linked to UFOs? Shocking new intel seems to suggest just that.  JJ Carrell said Massachusetts residents would be insane to allow illegal aliens into their homes. John Carman discussed the infamous CYM […]


Behold A Dark Horse!

Presidential candidate Jay Torres presented his platform. Scott Miller discussed cancel culture among health care professionals. Bob Burnett explained infinite banking. UCIJ talked human trafficking. To watch the program, click here:


Could One Bomb Destroy The World?

  Could one nuclear bomb destroy the whole world? Heather Day, Shanna Richardson, Rev Rant, KC Sunshine and Tom Althouse made up our weekly trauma triage roundtable. Harriette Sucher discussed John and Reve Walsh and […]

Dark Projects

COVID VAXX May Be Extraterrestrial!

Evidence continues to mount showing that what was put into the COVID shots was more than just mRNA nanobots. It may also be extraterrestrial. Rainy Robinson weighed in on several cases including that of a […]


Falklands War Fought Over Black Goo!

Roger Stone says that the next democrat nominee for president will be Michelle Obama. Tracy Tormé Robert K. Weiss discussed UFOs, Hollywood and the Naked Gun movies. Brad Olsen weighed in on a number of […]


Palliative Care Or Assisted Suicide?

  Tucker Carlson obliterates Mike Pence and ends his political campaign.  Gilgo Beach murder suspect may have known some very famous Hollywood types including Billy Baldwin. Nathaniel Yost, the son of film producer John Yost, […]


Meet The First AI Presidential Candidate!

Meet the first artificial intelligence presidential candidate. Madonna brought back from the dead with Narcan. Rainy Robinson takes a look at high profile celebrity murder cases including O.J. Simpson. Pete Crittendon on how to prep […]


Roseanne Barr Takes No Prisoners!

The White House was evacuated over the weekend as a mysterious substance was discovered in the library. That substance turned out to be cocaine, presumably belonging to Hunter Biden. Brooks Agnew weighed in on the […]


Should Contraception Be Banned?

  Massive explosions rock Washington D.C. as a mysterious package is discovered at the White House. JJ Carrell said that Chinese are planning to take over the United States by setting up police precincts in […]


The REAL Assassin Of JFK Speaks Out!

In this exclusive report, The Awake Nation brought you an interview with the REAL assassin of JFK. The man who took the fatal shot from the grassy knoll is James Files, a mafia hitman recruited […]