Is King Charles One Of Many AntiChrists?

Steve Wilkins and Monica B. postulated that the coronation of King Charles will usher in the first of many AntiChrists. K. Joseph Thomas (Pi Anon) updated us on his January 6th ordeal. Pete Crittenden discusses […]


The Face Of Societal Decay!

Susan Bradford discussed the Deep State.  Kate Shemirani talked about the COVID PSYOP and its lasting effects. Tania Joy Gibson weighed in on the transgender agenda. Suzy Q, and Karen Britt discussed having a relationship […]


The Tucker Carlson Firing!

Christi Tasker discussed getting involved with your political party. Dr. Reginald McDaniel covered the benefits of New Eden nutrition and diabetes.  Kerry Cassidy weighed in on the Tucker Carlson firing. To watch the program, click […]


Scientology Exposed Part 1!

Scott Gordon began an ongoing series on exposing Scientology.  Dr. Elena Estauche discusses love and relationships. Nick Alvear previewed his just released documentary on the Brunson brothers. To watch theprogram, click here:


What Is Complex PTSD?

Evan Stewart, discusses Myron C. Taylor. John B. Cobb talked about saving our farms. Heather Day discussed complex PTSD.  Gabriel Garcia is a January 6er who is fighting the good fight! To watch the program, […]


Has Political Correctness Killed Comedy?

Tracy Tormé and actor/comedian Rick Overton decried political correctness which has made comedy almost impossible.  Dr. Tau Braun discusses mind control. Dr, Lana Kontos talked about how cancer in many cases is really misdiagnosed. Amy […]


Two Opposing Views Of January 6th!

  Jeana Kuczmanski is a mother whose abusive husband had her son taken away from her even though he was truly the unfit parent and who committed unspeakable acts which were supported by the evil […]


Hell Is For Real!

Is Hell a real place with fire and brimstone and pain and eternal agony? Or just the absence of God? We examine it. To watch the program, click here:


Is Wokeism Killing The Airline Industry?

Tracy Tormé and Tony Courser discussed wokeism in the airline industry which may result in putting the lives of passengers in grave danger.  Journalist Michael Volpe took issue with the concept of parental alienation until […]


Woman Rescued By The Galactic Federation!

Elena Danaan discusses being abducted by grey aliens, tortured and implanted. She was rescued by the Galactic Federation. John Carman was joined by David Oates, Nick Mancuso and Alexander to talk about reverse speech. Dr. […]