Exclusive Interview With Batman!

Charlie Robinson broke down the summit in San Francisco between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, noting how the city was able to clean up its mess prior to the meeting.  Marissa Maginnis discussed eugenics and […]


Jan Halper-Hayes: Total Collapse Imminent!

Nate Cain expressed outrage that RINO Republicans sided with Democrats in refusing to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. , Jan Halper-Hayes gave her assessment of the current political situation and said the worst is yet […]


Mayorkas Impeachment DEAD!

Spineless RINO Republicans joined Democrats in refusing to vote for the impeachment of DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Christi Tasker addressed political corruption and how her loss in the Miami City Commission race was due to […]


Terrorists To Set Off Fentanyl Bombs!

JJ Carrell indicated that New York City Mayor Eric Adams may be under investigation as payback for complaining to the Biden administration about the influx of illegal immigrants into his city.  Brooks Agnew said terrorists […]


Trump Judge Sends Nude Selfies To Teenagers!

Trump judge caught sending nude selfies to teenagers. Rainy Robinson weighed in on these and other stories. Dr. James Fetzer provided more evidence that the U.S. is behind the Israel-Hamas war. David Shurter pondered whether […]


Wife Beaters To Lose Their Gun Rights!

The Supreme Court is seeming likely to preserve a federal law that prohibits people under domestic violence restraining orders from having guns. Rick DellaRatta wants peace in the Middle East and believes that his music […]


Sex Robots To Make Women Extinct!

Women are becoming extinct’ as sales of Artificial Intelligence-powered sex dolls and robots rocket, an industry insider has claimed. The global sex doll industry is on course to be valued at nearly $600 million. Christi […]


Palestinian Mobs Attack White House!

Pro-Palestinian protests erupt in Washington D.C. over the weekend. How come D.C. jails aren’t filled with those arrested? JJ Carrell weighed in on this plus the real threat of terrorism in the wake of the […]