When Hospitals Commit Murder!

Priscilla Romans discussed the importance of having a patient advocate. Scott Schara discussed his daughter’s murder at the hands of her medical providers. Dr. Lana Kontos talked the importance of glutathione. KC Sunshine, Tara Crete, […]


A THORN In Kutcher’s Side!

JJ Carrell discussed the Chinese invasion of the United States through the southern border. ,Brooks Agnew believes a civil war is coming. Nathan Reynolds discussed the new Phoenix program and the Jason Project. Meghan Walsh […]


The Bible: Gospel Or Go Spell?

Hunter Biden indicted. Does it mean anything? Heather Day, Holly Phaon, Rev Rant, KC Sunshine and Tom Althouse presented a Trauma Triage roundtable on MK ULTRA. Chris O’Leary discussed abuse by the Roman Catholic Church. […]

Dark Projects

Your Home Is A Surveillance State!

We examined the impact of artificial intelligence with Heather Day as we commented on a speech given by Chuck Missler just before his passing. Avis Owens and Holly Yeager recounted the story of her son […]


Gold Star Mom Searches For Answers!

Gold Star mom Margie Taylor searches for justice after her son dies unexpectedly at his base in Fort Hood. Christi Tasker calls 911 an American PSYOP. Victor Avila is running for Congress and vows to […]


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